Spool 立車柱

Swingarm Spools


  • The swing arm slide screw used with the swing arm can easily get on and off the motorcycle, avoiding damage to the motorcycle body when stopping or repairing the motorcycle, and better protecting your motorcycle.
  • In order to prevent the swingarm spool screw from loosening and slipping, we have added a black gasket to increase the force area and reduce the friction damage to the body.
  • Product specifications: High quality CNC Machined Stainless Steel 6mm M6, 8mm M8, 10mm M10, MK(HONDA Monky) motorcycle swingarm sliders.
  • Swingarm Spools Suitable models: Most Motorcycle Model.
  • Multiple colors available: Titanium / Blue / Silver / Gold / Black / Red colors.


Swingarm Spools: Multiple colors.

Spools Specification


Spool M10 / M8 / M6
Item No. d1 L Screws Head Material
SS-M10 10mm 14mm Hex Socket Head Cap
Hex Socket
Aluminum alloy,
Stainless Steel,
SS-M8 8mm 10mm
SS-M6 6mm 12mm
Spool Color

Spool MK (for Monkey125)
Item No. d2 Material
SS-MK (for Monkey 125) 10mm Aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, POM
 Spool Color