Kick Stand Enlarger 邊柱加大

Kick Stand Enlarger


  • CNC machined high quality Aluminum Alloy and Laser Alloying Surface Finish makes it hard to be faded. Durable in use and Longer life.
  • The kickstand side stand enlarger can increase the contact area of the kickstand and the ground, increase friction, so that the motorbike parked more stable. Give the motorcycle more protection.
  • Can park the motor bike in a meadow or other soft surface such as sand or hot asphalt.
  • Easy To Install.
  • RIDEA designs and manufactures most motorcycle Kick Stand Enlargers, please contact us for inquiries.


Advantage of Kick Stand Enlarger


  1. Anti-slip texture design on the bottom, it provides effective support to avoid unstable parking slippage.
  2. Drainage hole to avoid accumulation of water and prevent the Kick Stand from rusting.
  3. Round head screw & washer are designed to help keep a fastener locked in place and keeps screws and Kick Stand Base tight.
  4. Lock washer have cams or wedges on one side. When tightening the fastener to preload, the teeth seat against the joint material which prevents the fastener from vibrating loose.
  5. M4 Hex Socket Button Screw made of high-quality stainless steel, hard and durable, can prevent rust and corrosion. It have superior High hardness, easy to use and install.


The difference between RIDEA improved Hex Socket Button Screw and Traditional Flat Screw:

Traditional Flat Screw
RIDEA improved Hex Socket Button Screw


Kick Stand Enlarger, MSX
Kick Stand Enlarger, Scrambler


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  • For other brand motorcycle Kick Stand Enlarger, you can contact us at any time. We are willing to help you to solve the problems.